life-purposeEach incident mentioned in this article is truly inspired from the events in my life.

I had been thinking of writing this article since a while, but unfortunately it did not happen.
Being a writer was one of my dreams ever since childhood. But mostly I will be lazy to type in. I would either get busy or get involved in more interesting things. But the pleasure of spending time doing copious things would only stay for a very short instant. We would do it then and forget it in a day or a week at the most. But when such instances are put into a journal, it becomes an enduring memory, which you could refer to at any point of time in your life. I use write my diary without fail since I was 15. I even use to keep those very special souvenirs that I got on those particular pages in my diary. And to be very honest I still have them. Some people may find this act to be immature. I believe that there is a kid and a grown up within us. But most of us fear to let out the kid in us. We are always conscious about what others might think of us. In short we live a life to impress other and lose all the fun that we would have had if we dared to break the rules.  Sometimes there may have been humiliating incidents in your past or situations that made you sad mad or happy. Incidents that may have made you depressed.

By mentioning the words “Being Depressed”, I mean being depressed to an extent that you would feel that you just want to vanish from the face of the earth forever. At those times books were y only friends. They inspired me move past my bad thoughts. By reading my own diaries the stories that I had written, I do recollect the best moments in my life over and over again. And you would think about how much more is yet to come during our journey. They inspire you to move forward, even if you are going through the hardest times of your lives. By experiencing it, you would have learnt lessons after lesson which can neither be taught by books nor by lectures. Both the good and bad incidents are just chapters of your life. The bad experiences can be considered as a teacher who taught you lessons that you should never forget. By experiencing it we should learn not to repeat those mistakes. If we repeat them, we become fools who gained nothing out of an important lecture.

I would say that writers are great people. They have expressed their thoughts, feeling and imaginations to the whole world. Those thoughts, feelings and imaginations are immortal as they exist even after the death of the author. If you ask me, I would say that people who write true and honest biographies are great people. They have shown courage to speak out about their good and bad times to the entire world without fear. By doing this, it would also help the people who would come across the same situation. It would help people to know in advance about what may happen as a result of their act. It would help people to compare their way of thinking and to estimate whether their decision was wise.

Reading Michelle J Fox’s “lucky man”, or Robin Sharma’s “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” or may be even Rhonda Bryan’s “The Secret” would inspire you to have a positive attitude towards life. But for most of them, it is just for a short while. The impact of reading a new book and coming to its climax stays within us for some time. As my mother always says “you become the characters in the books that you read”. In a way it is true. After reading a book, you would feel that, you just finished living a life. All the characters in the book revolve around you and you would have even imagined a face for the character that you might have read. Each character becomes related to you. The after effect of the climax retains within you for a while and then when you start reading a new book, you become a character in that book. Eventually as time passes by you would lose the impact that was created by the older book. I would say that, a man explores a new world by reading.

I pity those who read silly romantic stories which could give you no good that simply creating a fantasy world within their minds. They live in that world thinking that people respond in a similar way in real life. To those people I would say that, they are wasting their lives simply not knowing or may be ignoring the wonderful, even more interesting reality that is waiting for their exploration.
But in some cases providing silly romantic stories is the only way to inspire the weak people to start reading and later make …….. books.

I really admire people who read classics, travel journals and business related books, especially my beautiful mother. The best thing that I like about her is when she is in a competition mood. Both my mom and my brother (book lovers who collect book marks) set a time to start reading a book. Mom always used to win cos she use to flip a few pages in between so that she stays ahead.

But the true readers are the people who have gained something in their lives and when they die they could be sure that they have seen most of the world through your insight based on real facts. I know people who have read just a few classics. They go to book fairs and bring home books worth a million that are left unread. By doing this it shows that they are mere people who want to show the public that they are legendary classic book lovers and art movie inspirers. If asked to choose between a book of Sidney Sheldon and Tolstoy like the War and peace, they would definitely choose the simple one.


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