Happened to watch a “Sauna Slim Belt TV Demonstration today” (something that reduces your tummy) & got reminded of my poor dad. This story happened when I was in grade 7. During those days, a few glamorous white people use to come and explain the benefits of using this belt in MALAYALAM (dubbed) and immediately my dad ordered for one and followed every instruction as he wanted to reduce his tummy without going for evening walks with mummy. He use to drink extra hot water, wear this belt and sit on the sofa and watch the demonstrations on weekends. If I passed by he would keep reminding me that his tummy would look that way in a month and I never use to say a thing. To be honest, even I tried it one day without him seeing as he told, those things were not meant for kids. After a few days of constant usage, one fine day, when he removed the belt, he found that his tummy was burnt in the same shape of this particular belt. And ever since then whenever we (me and mummy) saw this on TV we use to call and remind him. He gets frustrated and angry whenever he gets to see the same. From then on he went for regular walks with mummy like a good little boy. Muuahhhh. He is my champion. I love him sooooooooo much. There is no fun without him


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