What life should Mean to you?


During my recent visit to Dubai I fortunately happened to attend a two day seminar conducted by the name “How to live your life as a Leader” based on Dale Carnegie’s books and lectures. I wasn’t even 1% interested attending this seminar and happened to attend it just to kill time. But this particular class that I went through made a lot of changes in my life

It mainly dealt with 8 major topics namely honest appreciation, Criticism, Greeting and response with a smile, being interested in other people and being a good listener, self encouragement and encouraging others, talking in terms of the other person’s interest, making the other person happy about the things you suggest and taking up challenges

Let me start off with a question by asking how many of us bother to appreciate our fellow beings when we see them doing something nice? I am sure that not even 40 % of us do that. Appreciation is a form of verbal reward. The best way to initially tame an animal would be by appreciating and rewarding it. We have even studied about this in subjects like Human Resource Management, Business Communication, Entrepreneurship Development, Organizational Behavior and Management Concepts about the theories of animal response and learning skills at a faster rate when it is rewarded. Man is a social animal and this particular theory even applies to any mankind. I remember when I was small my mother use to tell me that she would get me a present if I keep my room clean. From the moment someone tells you that you are going to be given a present your mind would wander around thinking about what the present would be and automatically you would be made to satisfy the condition for which you would be rewarded.

The second topic is criticism. I would like to bring up two quotes. The first one is from the Holy Bible and the other by a wise man. The quote from the Holy Bible says “Judge not, that ye be not judged” and the second one “any fool can criticize, condemn and complain – and most fools do, but it takes character and self control to be understanding and forgiving, a great man shows his greatness”. While dealing with people let us remember that we are just not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudice and motivated by pride and vanity. Rather than criticizing someone, let us first analyze about how many faults we do have, which can be criticized by others. A few people enjoy criticizing other people in front of a group. They may go for group discussions and seminars just for this purpose; they show the character of a lion ready to pounce. When you criticize someone you automatically hurt the feelings of the other person. Thus let us first think mature and sensible before criticizing someone because you may have things to be criticized 10 times more than the person whom you are criticizing.

The third is to smile. When you come to the college everyday or may be any place and you find someone smiling at you or wishing you would make your day a pleasant one. Just imagine meeting a person who frowns every morning when you come to college. Your entire day would be spoiled just because of that one frowning face. An approach towards any matter with a smile show how positive and confident you are. It takes only 26 muscles on you face to smile and 36 to frown

Being interested in other people and being a good listener. “it is an individual who has the greatest difficulties in life, provides the greatest injury to others. It if from such individuals that all human failures spring – Alfred Adler, a famous Viennese psychologist tells this on his book, what life should mean to you”. Most of the people who we meet on the everyday basis are only interested in themselves and in other words nobody cares about others but themselves. This in a way can be called as selfishness. Since people are selfish to an extent, if you show genuine interest in those people, mostly everyone and be a good listener, they would be your friend automatically and show interest in your matters.

People at times become invalid in order to win sympathy, attention and get a feeling of importance. History itself has proved several examples namely George Washington who wanted himself to be called “His Mightiness”. Catherine the great refused to open those letters which did not address to her as “Her Imperial Majesty”. So in the past present and the future people would be looking just for self importance and we should understand this fact. Everyone likes people who listens understands and puts the other people’s point of view seem like theirs

Self encouragement and encouraging others is another important thing to be done. According to me encouragement increases the willpower of a person, whether it is self encouragement or encouraging others. Self encouragement brings in self confidence and from within he feels that he is capable of doing things at the best of his ability. But by encouraging others they gain confidence in doing a job as well as it develops a bond of trust and friendship from within to the person who is encouraging. When someone tells you that he is not capable of doing something, you could say that it is possible and you have faith in him with a smile, this brings in a big deal of change in the attitude towards the task for the other person from within.

Talking in terms of the other person’s interest and making the other person happy about the things you suggest is the best way to get things done in a group. By justifying, what you have said is the best alternative. It would be the best if you could be a good listener at this point and club the suggestions of every individual and put it across by clubbing everyone’s opinion in a positive manner. By doing this every individual gets satisfied that his/ her point is through in the application and we could come up with a better alternative

Finally taking up challenges, this would be the most important step that an effective leader. A fellow classmate of mine in school was blamed for scoring less mark in exams. His parents were continuously called for meetings. While I observed him, I found that he was studying much harder than any student in his class. He himself and his parents told that he was studying just like every other student. One day his class teacher called his mother and she was so heartless to tell that her son was a waist in every way right in front of everyone. She also told that he would never achieve anything in life. This broke the poor mother’s and child’s heart. Every teacher told that the boy responded well in class but nothing was reflected in the paper. From then onwards he started studying hard, taking those words of the teacher as a challenge. He scored distinction in 10th and 12th grades and got into one of the best colleges in the country. Soon after the 10th boards he was taken for a medical examination and found that he had a neurological disorder that caused his learning disabilities. After his diagnosis, the result was told to the teacher who blamed him. She felt so ashamed about what she told about the poor little child and was so proud of his achievements. The next time when he went with his report card to show the teacher, her eyes watered and told him that he was the best student that she ever had. What the teacher did the next time was a form of understanding and admitting her own mistake which made a great deal of difference in the child’s life.

So let me conclude by saying that, time is slipping away, and people remember you for the good that you have done. Try to be honest, appreciate, try not to criticize, smile, be interested in others, take up challenges and responsibilities. People who think that they would show off their talents at a later stage would remain the same way forever, but God favors the people who are ready to take up challenges and give it a try. God would always favor the needy and hurt ones. You may think that the person sitting next to you is good for nothing. The reason for him being like that may have several issues behind. So never underestimate someone because in a long run he may be a much more successful person in life than you


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