Our new beginning – 2014

ImageThe day started off by me receiving my first salary at my new job, moving into our new apartment at Jumeirah and Joe receiving a call on the enquiry of the date of joining from his new company.

We drove to the Palm Jumeirah on the New Year’s Eve to witness the Guinness Book of World Record fireworks. Since Joe has not yet attained a UAE driver’s license, I ended up being his chauffeur like always. I managed to drive through the traffic by squeezing through the wrong ways and park near the foot path near a palace. We walked in the cold for about 20 minutes to reach the main beach.The temperature was about 15 degrees Celsius and dropping followed by strong ice cold winds. There were people of different nationalities camped in and around the area and they lit the dry shrubs on the way in order to keep themselves warm from the frosty cold. Luckily we could reach all the way near the waters.

There was a Filipino lady, probably a news reporter on our left with a professional Nikon camera and a camera stand, and a few old bachelors to our right. As time passed by the waves came closer and closer and hence we had to move further back in order to not to get ourselves wet.

Initially the fireworks began on the left side of the Jumeirah beach and later on the right next to the Burj Al Arab.  I didn’t feel that there was anything special about them as they look quite normal to my eyes.  Both concluded at about 12:15 am and I was quite disappointed and told Joe about the same. Hearing that, one of the bachelors on our right told us that they work for the Palms and the government has arranged ships in line to shoot up the crackers though out the horizon. They also told that the delay may be due to some technical issues.Hearing that I waited impatiently till about 12:30 am and still there were no signs of any fireworks at the main palms. I compelled Joe and started walking back. We almost reached to the mid-way and suddenly we could hear people start to roar and applaud loudly.  We turned back and saw that the entire horizon was lit up with fireworks. We ran back to witness this epic moment in history.


As soon as the fireworks got over me and Joe started to run through the cold sand as fast as we could in order to get into our car. We also stopped by one of the bonfires on the way to warm up a bit. As I was driving, we could see young Arabs, probably teenagers run towards every car in order to wish them a New Year. Later we reached back home at about 1:30, had a glass of wine and went to sleep.


2 thoughts on “Our new beginning – 2014

  1. Lucky you to have seen that display….small world; a friend’s husband spent many months helping to create that show. The company hired to do it, Grucci, is from Long Island, NY, of all places.

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