I am a postgraduate student in Business Management from Dubai who is passionate about Books, Travel, Food and Music. I was born to a deep rooted Syrian Christian family in India where I learned about tradition morals and values. At the age of 7 my family migrated to the Middle East and I completed my schooling from one of the most Premium Schools in Dubai.

With the ambition to become a Doctor, I opted to do my specialization in Science and Mathematics in my final schooling years and later doubted my choice. In time I realized that, being locked up within the 4 walls and to do the same thing over and over again was not my kind of  job. And thus I took a year off from studies and experimenting on what I really wanted to do. I devoted my idle time completely to books. Though I read fictions and novels I loved to read more about business, spirituality, meditation and tried to know my higher self. My favorite authors are Rohonda Bryans, Dale Carnige, Deepak Chopra and Arundathi Roy.

Though various options were open in terms of higher studies I opted to enroll myself into one of the top 3 B schools in India thus entered the business stream. I spent most of my free hours in the research library reading journals about Business Strategies, Information Technology and so on. Later in the course of time, I developed a desire to go practical in depth into my field and thus launched my first research mission as a part of my final year project.

Currently the one thing that I am looking forward is to rebuild my research thesis (in the process) and to develop the contents innovatively and powerfully, later publish and implement it in a way that is beneficial and impactful to a Business.

I consider myself as an Ambitious, Self dependant woman who focuses on establishing good business relations and networks. I am a fast Learner and focused on achieving results according to my goals.

My wish is to travel around the world and to learn about the emerging markets and technologies, lifestyles, purchasing powers, needs, wants and desires of the new age humanity.

I strongly believe that the youth of this era should READ about the upcoming business trends and tactics. They must target on developing the ability to analyze, Patience to listen, speed, stability of mind, a vision and the art of communication in order to thrive well in the years to come.

Though I am a work orient professional, I would like to dedicate this blog solely for my thoughts, imagination and creativity.


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