To My Vijaya Mam

Dear Ma’am,

I always wanted to tell you that I really loved you a lot in school. Knowingly or unknowingly through advices and small punishments you have bought in a lot of changes in my life. You really inspired me to be a better student and to read a lot.

I still remember how you used to walk across the class and explain each poem or play with such intimate expressions and feelings.

vp1One day you got so frustrated with our class that you made the entire class write a sentence 1000 times.

You scored me less most of the time, which made me use my best potential and I scored 78 in my boards!!!

I remember myself rushing in to the old block of Our Own English High School – Sharjah after my Inter School Sports practice to watch  “Julius Caesar (The Black and White Movie)” with you, Rajashree Ma’am, Subashree Ma’am and the class.

Vijaya Mam

I also remember you telling us about your childhood friend Kamala, whom you bumped into in the market while Karthik and Kaushik were in primary school. Tears ran down your eyes while you spoke about her.

You were the first person I knew older than my mother who read the entire series of “Harry Potter” :)

You also told us about a story where Kaushik tried to help a girl whose ID card had fallen down in his bus. He picked it and gave it to her and she came complaining to you that he torn her card. You left with without giving him dinner until finally he came and told you that all he did was to pick it up and give it to her. You felt horrible and hated that girl ever since. Later after years while you reminded Kaushik about the same, he said that “He had forgiven but hasn’t forgotten”.Some of my favorite chapters that you had taught me of which I have a photographic memory are….

The Brook – Robert Frost

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner – Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The Seven Ages – William Shakespeare

Julius Caesar – William Shakespeare

The Road Less Travelled – Robert Frost (My Favorite)

Ode to the West Wind – Shelly

Ode to autumn – John Keats

Today I read a lot; I have started writing and even have my own blog!!

I miss you and your classes a lot and I wish I could tell you this in person. You were the best and you rock.

I had told these stories to my husband. Yesterday when I saw that it was your birthday I thought that you should do something special. Though this may not be the best write up you may have come across, I would like to tell you with my whole heart that you have created an impact on several people’s minds and there are people especially students who would remember you and your stories. You were one of the most passionate teachers I have ever met and I love you so much.

Happy Birthday To the Best English Teacher in the world.

Yours Lovingly